NMFD Appoints Maria Regina Paster as Spiritual Advisor

The North Massapequa Fire District has appointed Father Frank Nelson of Maria Regina RC Church in Seaford as its Spiritual Advisor.

“Throughout our history, we have been fortunate to have had outstanding members of the clergy assume this important role,” explained Commissioner Frank A. Nocerino, Chairman of the North Massapequa Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners. “Pastor Nelson is a perfect fit in this capacity, as he hails from a family with a history of volunteer firefighting service.”

In addressing members of the department, Pastor Nelson talked about his father’s service as a Long Island volunteer firefighter and the emotional toll it took on him.

“After a particularly tragic house fire that resulted in two fatalities, my father was visibly shaken,” recalled Pastor Nelson. “I realized at that time that he really needed someone to be there for spiritual support and his department didn’t have someone to fill that role. It is this incident that ultimately solidified my desire to be there for the men and women who protect our district at all hours of the day or night.”

Pastor Nelson said his family experience gave him unique insight to those dedicating themselves to the fire services. “Firefighters are occasionally called into situations where they sense a member of the clergy would be helpful,” Father Nelson said. “I am available to provide help and support to them at any time.”

Maria Regina Church, which serves approximately 6,000 Roman Catholic families, falls within the jurisdiction of the North Massapequa Fire District.

“We enjoy a great relationship with Maria Regina Church and having Pastor Nelson as our Spiritual Advisor is evidence of that,” Commissioner Nocerino said. “It is an outstanding example of how the community comes together in service of the greater good.”

In his capacity, Father Nelson will be there to offer spiritual guidance and other assistance to any department member in crisis.

“Father Nelson has distinguished himself for his caring, hard work and spiritual leadership. He is known for his sincere desire to be a part of people’s lives, celebrating their joys and providing solace and comfort in their sorrow,” Commissioner Nocerino said. “I truly respect his tireless work and dedication to his vocation and for his years of service to God try this out. His availability to our department members will be of great moral support for us.”