NMFD Welcomes home Airman Patrick Swayne

Members of the North Massapequa Fire Dept were recently on-hand to welcome home United States Air Force Airman- Patrick Swayne; who is a proud resident of North Massapequa.  “Airman Swayne missed the birth of his son (Declan) while being deployed for 6 months, in Iraq, and our fire dept members honored to thank this brave Veteran, along with his wife Kierstan, for their sacrifices and selfless service,”  said North Massapequa FD Chief Joseph M Pesale, jr; himself, an U.S. Army combat Veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm.  “The fire service has a long legacy of supporting our military and law-enforcement and we wanted to send a clear message to Airman Swayne that we’re grateful for his commitment to defend this great Nation.
Those sentiments were echoed by North Massapequa Fire District Commissioner Ralph J. Raymond.  “As Americans we’re proud to stand in the support of our men and women of our military.”  Commissioner Raymond said.  “Airman Swayne represents the best of our Country and it was truly an honor to stand by his side and welcome him home.”